A Sample Passage from Ephesians 1:


1.  Paul, a sent-forth person belonging to Jesus Christ (or: an emissary and representative pertaining to Jesus, [the] Anointed One) through and by means of God's will (resolve; determined purpose; resultant choice), to all those who continue being set-apart folks (or: holy ones; saints) [other MSS add: within Ephesus], as well as to believing folks (or: trusting and loyal people)within, and in union with, Christ Jesus:

2.  Grace (or: Favor) and peace (or: harmony; [= shalom]) to you (or: [are] in and with you folks) from God, our Father and Lord, Jesus Christ (or: from our Father-God, even the Owner, Jesus [the Messiah]; or: from God, our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ).

3.  Characterized by and full of thoughts of well-being, good words and messages of ease (or: Worthy of being spoken well of) [is] the God and Father of our Lord, Jesus Christ – the One speaking Good to (or: blessing; expressing thoughts of well-being to) us within every spiritual good word (or: thought of well-being and blessing having the qualities of the Breath-effect) within the things situated upon the heavens (or: in the midst of the phenomena upon the atmospheres; [participating] in the full, perfected heavenlies; in union with the celestials) resident within, and in union with, Christ ([the] Anointed One),

        (or, taking eulogetos in apposition with a

            predicative force: The God and Father of our            

            Owner, Jesus [the] Anointed One, [has] the

            qualities of a Word of goodness.  He [is] the            

            One speaking goodness, ease and well-being

            [to] us in every thought, word and expression

            of goodness which embodies the qualities of

            [the] Breath-effect resident within the

            superimposed atmospheres within the midst of

            Christ, and in union with [His] anointing,)

4.  even as He chose us out (or: selects and picks us out), within (or: in union with) Him, before [the] (or: prior to a) casting down (or: a laying of the foundation; a conception) of [the] ordered system (world; universe; cosmic order), [for] us to continuously be set-apart ones (or: to progressively exist being sacred and holy people) and flawless folks (people without stain; blameless ones) in His sight and presence (or: in the midst of the sphere of His gaze) in union with love. [or, putting this last phrase at the beginning of vs. 5:]

5.  In love [He was] marking us out beforehand (or: definitively appointing us in advance; before-setting our boundaries and defining us, with a designation) [and directing us] into sonship (the position of a matured son who has authority and responsibility in the household), through and by means of Jesus Christ – [moving us] into Himself, according to (or: down from; in correspondence with; following the pattern of) the good thought and intention of well-being (or: delight) of His will (determined purpose).


From Ephesians 6:


10.  Of the remainder (or: Finally), be constantly empowering yourselves (engendering ability within yourselves) within, and in union with, [the] Lord [= Christ or Yahweh] and within, and in union with, the force (or: strength) of His might (or: the mightiness of His strength and forcefulness):

11.  you folks must enter within (or: clothe yourselves with) the full suit of armor and implements of war (panoply; the complete equipment for men-at-arms) which is God (or: which comes from and belongs to God), in order for you to be continuously able and powerful to stand (or: to make a stand) facing toward the crafty methods (stratagems) of the adversary

        (or: that which throws folks into dualism with

            divided thinking and perceptions; or: the            

            person that throws something through the

            midst and casts division; the one who thrusts            

            things through folks; the slanderer who

            accuses and deceives; or, commonly called: the            


12.  because for us [other MSS: for you] the wrestling is not against (toward; with a view to) blood and flesh (= physical bodies), but rather against (toward; i.e., "face to face" with) the beginning controls and rules

        (or: original rulings; or: rulers and controllers;

            governments; those things or people in first            

            position; the beginning things or people; the

            original ones; the princes) and face to face with the rights and privileges (or: authorities; or: aspects from out of existence), with a view to the strengths of the System (or: strengths of the order; or: universal powers; the world's strong-ones) of this darkness [comment: = ignorance], facing (toward; or: with a view to) the spiritual aspects (or: breath-effected attitudes; or: conditions and qualities of a spirit) of the worthlessness

        (the badness of conditions; the unsoundness

            and miserableness; the wickedness and            

            depravity; the evil and malice; the

            disadvantageousness; the unprofitableness;

            the thing that brings toilsome labor and a gush

            of misery) among those situated upon elevated positions

        (or: situated within the heavenly positions or

            places; among the imposed heavenly realms;

            positioned in union with the celestials and

            heavenly ones; resident within the midst of

            added atmospheres).

        [note: this verse could be speaking about the

            ruling authorities of the religious world of            

            ignorance, with its now worthless sacrifices, or,

            about the political system of darkened strength

            which was currently in power, bringing bad

            situations; Walter Wink, in Engaging the

        Powers, uses the phrase “against suprahuman

            systems and forces” for part of this verse]

13.  On account of this, you folks receive back again (or: at once take up) the full suit of armor (panoply; implements of war) which is God (or: which belongs to and has its source in God), to the end that you would have power (or: be able) to withstand and resist (to stand opposite, over against as facing an opponent; or: stand in [other folks'] place, instead of [them]) within the harmful day (the day of bad conditions), and accomplishing all (achieving and effecting everything [the whole]), to stand firm.

14.  You folks stand (or: at once take your stand), then, after girding yourselves around your waist (or: loins) in union with Truth and within the midst of Reality, and then, entering within (putting on; clothing yourself with) the breastplate armor (cuirass; corslet) of fair and equitable dealing

        (or: which is the rightwised relationships of the

            Way pointed out; the Righteousness; the            


15.  and next sandaling (or: binding under) the feet in readiness and preparedness which comes from and has the character of and which belongs to the good news (or: message of goodness, ease and wellbeing) of the Peace (or: which comes from and has the character of peace and harmony [= shalom])

16.  within all things and situations (or: in union with all people) – [be] at once receiving again (or: taking back up) the large oblong shield of the Faith (or: Trust; Confidence; Faithfulness; Assurance; Loyalty), within which you will have power (or: be able) to extinguish all the fiery arrows of the worthless person

        (or: evil one; unsound and miserable situation;

            disadvantageous and unprofitable condition;

            malicious and depraved attitude; toilsome labor

            that is gushed with misery).

17.  And at once accept (or: receive) for yourselves the helmet of the Deliverance (or: which comes from the Salvation; that belongs to health and wholeness; which is the restoration to the original realm and condition) and the Spirit's sword (short sword; or: the dagger which is spirit; the dirk which is the Breath-effect) – the one being God's spoken Word (or: an utterance or declaration which is God).

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