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This translation is a treasure house.  Thank you for your labor of love to the Body of Christ. Dale L. 


I am particularly gratified by your careful and expressive discrimination of verb tenses.  I can't tell you how frustrating it is to read translation after translation that ignore this aspect of the language.  The work you've done is important.  You have something significant to offer the Bible-reading public.  Jay B.


Excellent work, great scholarship, and above all keeping the rhema of the Word in accordance to what the Spirit intended.  It's comparable to the Wuest translation but more explanative when it comes to Greek meanings.  Marc, USA 


Thank you for your masterpiece of interpretation.  The gospel of John is a fabulous work of art.  I never tire of reading it.  Thanks for taking us on this delightful journey with you.  We appreciate your work of love for God and family.  Scott P., USA 


I'm really enjoying using your translation.  It's good to have it to read along with my other study and lesson perparations.  I'm interested in Greek and give attention to it as I can.  I'm still quite a novice after a lot of years of doing this.  Your translation is quite useful, especially as you allow God to do the convicting of some specific meaning where several meanings are possible. 

Grace and peace, Graham  


I greatly appreciate your work and philosophy to enable the reader to be guided by the Holy Spirit in reading the text.  Thank you!  Ed C.


I have read through portions of your translation and I love it because it does not compromise the meaning of the Greek words - it makes it much more powerful when rendered correctly!  When we hear the message of faith, then we are "obedient to the faith" and we live in His fullness, not according to how well we have performed.  Andrew, South Africa


Your translation is very literal and faithful.  You are only one of a few that translates Ephesians 2:2 and Jude 1:13 rendering the Greek "eon" as age in both places.  You don't use denominatalism or human tradition.  I am grateful for your honest work.



Thanks for expending the energy in translating to share with us.  It expands to us what the Spirit in the writer was trying to get across through the pen of the one who wrote.  Larry M.


Your translation reminds me so much of Hebrews 3 and 4 where God is encouraging us to enter into the faith-rest life:  "Let Him."  In all things, let Him ... in saying, in doing, in ministering, in loving, in working, in being, in wanting, in praying, even in unbelief, let Him do in me and through me what He wants to accomplish as I simply rest in His ability.  He desires truth in the inwards parts, and the truth is, all we can do is trust (rest) in Him.  Thank you for your well-researched translation which brings the penetrating power of His life (ability) to us. 

Brett, CA


I so very much appreciate your translation.  You have obviously put tremendous time, study and prayer into this project. Every blessing, Libby B.


Please take time to read and enjoy, and most of all, allow the Holy Spirit to give you fresh insights into that which our Father has given us through His Word. 

Kenneth G., Canada  


Wow, praise God.  It's wonderful!  Much love from China, with great thanksgiving to our Father. 

Philip, China


I hope it eventually comes out in a compact version I could throw in my fanny pack or coat pocket!!            

Peter H., WA


I am a missionary in Trinidad and discovered your translation.  Praise God!  It's going to be a tremendous help to me in developing my sermons and in personal Bible study.

"Let them give glory unto the Lord and declare His praise in the islands."  [Isaiah 42:12]

Wally G., Trinidad


I am preparing a reference book about Bible versions.  I am including an entry for your work.  It appears you have used many Greek manuscripts.  Thank you for your time and hard work! 

Pastor Bradford


I live in the Philipines and in your explanation you use Greek words to translate very well the word of God.  Now I learn how important it is to know about Greek as I study the word.  It is my burden to let the people know about His truth you share to us.

Brother V., Philippines 


I am an avid studier and a teacher.  I very much look forward to comparing your work to other study aids.  Thanks so much.  Love in Father, Linda


This translation will not only help me personally how to be strong in the Faith, but it really contributes a lot in reaching lost people by sharing the Word of God to them.  It helps me so much to know more of God's wonderful Word.  Thank you for your concern to other people like me.  Brother Jimmy T. 


Where can I purchase your materials?  Udaya


Greetings from Myanmar in the name of Jesus Christ.  I love to read your New Testament.  I want to translate your book into Myanmar dialects.  It will be very helpful for my ministry.  I have a small bible school and have trained around 100 women and men.  Also a home for orphans and needy children.  Rev T., Myanmar 


I prayed 28 years for my father's reconciliation to Christ (a former youth minister).  Hours after his death, I found out he reconciled with God. 

I love Rick Joyner's comment:  "In the last three chapters of the Bible [Revelation] we see that everything has been restored which was lost at the fall.  As we have also seen, that which is restored has a greater glory than something that is just built.  We also see in these scriptures that the end restored relationship between God and man is even better than it was in the beginning.  At the end, the Lord does not just walk with man, He dwells with man.  Man has become His habitation."  [end quote]  Our family's brokenness will have a greater glory upon restoration.  Your translation is a lifeline. 

Thank you, Beth


Your treatment of Galations 1:8 startled me.  I like the thought of placing a teaching on the altar before the Lord for acceptance or rejection by Him.  I think of this happening on the altar of our heart where the true Word is able to judge all things. 

As I casually read portions of your translation I say to myself, "Ooh, I gotta get back to this with more attention."  Your task of clarifying what the text really says helps facilitate an entrance into the Spirit of the Word.  John, CA 


Your translation renders a classic explanation centered in the relationship that God maintains with us even in the face of alienation. When God speaks His Word in the form of the gospel into our hearts, that word creates a change of mind including faith.  The result is a new creation through the sovereignly spoken Word of God. 


The apostle Paul equates the Word that was operative in creation with the operation of the good-news-Word in salvation when he wrote, "For God, who said, Light shall shine out of darkness, is the One who has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ." 

Paul is presenting salvation as an experience which parallels creation!  God spoke forth light from out of the midst of the darkness that we read in Genesis 1:2. 

Your translation deserves to be read over and over again to be fully appreciated. 




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